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Naturally, just as the Union is about to get beat down, Kelly, Gordon, and Captain Dalak and his armada arrive to mess shit up. And even cooler, the Krills release their individual fighters into battle. Naturally Gordon gets to pilot one.

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The tide turns, and the remaining Kaylon ships retreat to Kaylon 1. And that threat is still out there, as well.

The remaining Kaylon fleet escaped home, where the rest of the species are likely still advancing the war effort for galactic dominance. Where will they strike next?


Can and will they try to reach out to Isaac in an attempt to bring him back into the fold? Unsurprisingly, a lot of people want to see him deactivate again, and permanently. Ed, naturally, defends Isaac and hopes to bring him back aboard the Orville. Isaac never explains how or why he came to believe so strongly that the actions of his people were so reprehensible to him that he would betray them.

Claire finds him and discusses the concept of forgiveness. Isaac touts his intellectual superiority as the reason why he always wins as usual, but after all this time, it foreshadowed more into the nature of the Kaylon than we realize. When Finn comes home, she joins Isaac in revealing their relationship to her sons — to their surprise, privacy is a luxury not often afforded on the ship. With the lack of any feasible understanding of Kaylon physiology, Capt. Ed Mercer Seth MacFarlane sees little choice but to travel to Kaylon to take their emissary Isaac in hopes for a recovery.


Data Brent Spiner and the Borg. Isaac is Data — but the Orville imposes their humanity onto him, regardless of his desire for it or understanding of it. The landing party finds Ty, and learns the secret of Kaylon 1. They also seek to expand their reach into the galaxy, as their own world is no longer sufficient to contain their massive amounts of data. It gets worse.

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Using the command codes Isaac shared with them, Kaylon boarding parties invade the Orville, killing yes, killing many crew members and taking the rest hostage, including the senior officers. They pilot the ship off of their own world and set a course for the Union headquarters… on Earth. The relative innocence the series has enjoyed has been abruptly jettisoned.

Once lovable Data-like android Isaac has willfully collaborated with an enemy his people who have committed mass genocide and intend on doing so to many more species throughout the galaxy. Similar names, in fact. Such insights into our own world are one of the unique gifts of the science fiction format. This once lovable dramedy series has taken a hard and sudden sharp right into darkness. I still very much enjoy this series, and am emotionally invested in it of course , but after last night?

My expectations are different now. In only its second year, it has, without warning, graduated from playful frat-boy into traumatized soldier. I wondered at the red eyes of the Kylon signifying hostility at the start. Previously Isaac had red eyes only when hostile. To me, the obvious thing that will happen in part 2 is that we will realise that Isaac is still on the side of the Orville, for whatever reason, and will almost certainly save the day by wiping out the fellow kylon in the invasion force.

Anything other than that convulsion to part 2 would be very unpredictable, and brave, story telling. It would be a great direction if the Earth did get destroyed and the Orville escaped but I doubt they are going to take that direction.

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  • Like Liked by 1 person. He did give his people the security codes, after all….

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    Like Like. The doctor needs to get a hold of herself and her hairdo. She needs to get a human partner.

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    Not the blog nor the robot. She is supposed to be educated. Not sure what you mean on the latter point; love is a matter of emotion, not intellect. Isaac appeared to be genuinely interested in her and he was good with her boys.