The Dead Horse Paint Company (Book Five in the Mac Fontana Series 1)

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For this, she gets harassed. Mac Fontana must get to the bottom of the blaze and at the same time, clear her name. Shop Worldwide: Amazon.

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Mac Fontana 5. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. A good Mac Fontana mystery. The man responsible for much of the disaster of the Dead Horse Paint Company fire visits Seattle and is promptly murdered torched in the woods near Mac's small town.

He helps solve the mystery while dealing with old friends best buddy and his psycho daughter , new friends actress , and author who wrote the true story of the Dead Horse fire. Good characters, well written, captures the essence of a small town. Jul 24, Melodie rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-pre The best mystery dealing with arson that I have ever read. Recommended reading for any mystery lover! Jun 04, T rated it liked it. He has a couple of series, this one is Mac Fontana, fire chief in a little town in Washington, healing from a fire disaster when a lot of firemen were killed in a poorly executed fire and the loss of his wife.

There's fire and blood and mayhem and death and a dog, a couple of crazies Mar 28, Ed rated it liked it Shelves: amateur-detective , mystery , thriller. Mac Fontana left an Eastern city fire department after 18 years and is content to be chief of the fire department in Staircase, a hamlet east of Seattle.

Mac Fontana discovers the body of Chief Callahan from his old fire department back east in the trunk of a burning car. Callahan had been scheduled to speak at a conference in Seattle about the deadly fire at the Dead Horse Paint Company. Fontana agrees with those who thought Callahan mismanaged the fire and left man 5 in the Mac Fontana series.

Fontana agrees with those who thought Callahan mismanaged the fire and left many suspects in his murder. Lesser entry in series. I like this series but am frustrated with it. I feel that Mac hasn't grown as a character and I'd really like there to be more suspense. I may quit this series. Dec 31, aPriL does feral sometimes rated it liked it Shelves: mysteries-potboilers-thrillers. Until I read this, it never struck me before but I guess I kinda thought I was the only one surrounded by crazy people.

The Dead Horse Paint Company (Mac Fontana, book 5) by Earl W Emerson

A sound like a gunshot tells them walls are collapsing, one of them half-burying Captain Cordifis. Barely functional, staggered by smoke inhalation, Finney knows he has to find help, and he feels certain before losing consciousness that he's succeeded. Yet somehow Captain Cordifis isn't rescued.

What went wrong? Finney asks himself obsessively in a painful aftermath that sends his career to the ashes. It takes hard sleuthing, but by following the money he eventually uncovers an ugly conspiracy of fire department people in high places, ruthless people intent on discrediting him and his investigation. Neal Adams art See illustrators issue 16 for a Neal Adams feature article.

After producing a string of short-lived strips beginning with Biggles Bear in , Adlard approached Steve MacManus with samples and was offered a Judge Dredd strip. He then drew various strips for the Judge Dredd Megazine , notably Armitage , about a brutal Brit-Cit cop and his partner, Treasure Steel who subsequently featured in her own series , and for Marvel UK, where his best work was probably Dances With Demons , a 4-issue mini-series penned by Simon Jowett; a second collaboration with Jowett, entitled 'Bloodrush', went unpublished. After producing a five-issue run of Mars Attacks!

The strip was a tremendous success and was still selling an average , copies per issue when Adlard decided to leave, claiming that the strip was straight-jacketed by the demands of the company and he had little artistic control. He left to work on Shadowman for Acclaim and, although never short of relatively high-profile work on, for instance, The Crow, Gen13, Superman and X-Men , it might be said that Adlard was critically discovered only when he began working on Larry Young's Astronauts in Trouble in Adlard replaced original artist Tony Moore with issue 7 April and has continued the series ever since.

However, it was the relaunch of Pat Mills' Savage in that brought Adlard back to the attention of fans of British comics. He went on to draw three series of the character's revival between and Charlie Adlard art. He married fellow art student Dorothy Self. He exhibited at the Royal Academy in He was deaf, excluding him from active service in the Second World War, but he worked for Vickers Aircraft as a technical illustrator. He produced drawings for the bouncing bomb designed by Barnes Wallis for the Dam Busters air raid. He became a freelance commercial artist after the war, producing drawings for a range of magazines.

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His earliest work was for Hulton Press' Lilliput magazine. His work for comics displayed his talents in an exuberant and creative medium, working mainly from imagination.

He joined Ladybird Books in , and with Harry Wingfield illustrated many titles in its new Key Words Reading Scheme books, also known as Peter and Jane , which were used to teach so many British children to read. The consistency, naturalistic style and attention to detail of the artist made him a favourite with the prolific British publisher and over a period of a quarter of a century, he illustrated at least different titles.

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He left Ladybird in , and retired - apart from drawing a new comic strip, Justin Tyme - ye Hapless Highwayman , written by Geoffrey Bond, and later his son Jim, for the fanzine Eagle Times from to Cecil Aldin 28 April - 6 January During his lifetime, Cecil Aldin was described as one of the leading spirits in the renaissance of British sporting art. Between them, they founded a school of realistic portrayal of country pursuits which not only appealed to sportsmen but to the broader public.

The anonymous writer of Aldin's obituary in The Times noted, "But there never yet has been a painter of dogs fit to hold a candle to him. Of all his immensely diverse interests the study of dogs came foremost. Somebody once complained that his drawings of dogs were 'too human'; they were not, but often showed character that even their owners had not noticed.

From an early age he was keen on sketching animals and the countryside and he was encouraged in his artistic aspirations by his father, who readily agreed to his studying art, after which he studied anatomy at South Kensington and animal painting at Midhurst, Sussex, under W. Frank Calderon, who went on to found the School of Animal Painting in The Aldin family, which also included Cecil's siblings Arthur Reginald , Percy Charles , Mildred Lilian later Dunn; , had moved to Clapham and lived in a house called Windemere on the south side of Clapham Common.

One of his earliest commissions came from a Master of Foxhounds who wanted a portrait of a horse, an old polo pony, with the horse itself as payment, which Aldin housed in a bicycle shed. Before long, he could be found hacking on his own mount from Bedford Park to meets at Esher. Over a short period he accumulated a second horse again in exchange for a portrait of a hunter , a Shetland pony, a donkey, two monkeys and thirteen dogs.

His artwork sales paid for his sporting hobbies and there was no shortage of magazines and newspapers who wanted Aldin's work. He produced numerous sporting colour prints as well as a series on old inns of England , illustrated R.

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In his autobiography, Aldin claimed: "I may as well state here and have done with it that I have no pretensions to Art. Art for the true artist should have a capital A. For me, I am ashamed to say, it has had a rather small one for my painting has always been founded on substrata of hunting possibilities, that is to say, it has had to provide me with the wherewithal to enable me to hunt, and has been tainted with this aftermath of sporting commercialism.

He was said to be a man of great charm and organised various shows, including childrens' pony shows at Cloutsham Ball and Dunster, le Touquet, and dog shows which were not always serious with awards for the ugliest dog, for example. Aldin suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, aggravated by falls in the hunting field, which forced him to give up the sport. He retired to the Balearic Islands, taking all his dogs with him horses were left behind with approved new owners and made his home at Camp de Mar, Andraitz, Mallorca.

He was survived by his wife and daughter, his son having been killed in action whilst serving with the Corps of Royal Engineers in He joined Fleetway's staff, where he was working as an art bodger on Cowboy Comics Library by He also drew a weekly strip, "Lord Elpus" , for the Sunday Extra newspaper. He has also drawn for Viz, and is a prolific book illustrator.

The character Juan Miguel, known as El Charro the bold, was first to be found in the wild west of Mexico and California, often fighting on behalf of the Aztec Indians.