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If I'm feeling particularly outgoing, I go with more casual friends so I'm more free to meet people and do my own thing. Person B: With friends, overwhelmingly — though keep in mind I have sex with most of my friends. I find sex parties most enjoyable when I'm around at least some people I know and have been intimate with but don't feel committed to sharing the entire experience with one person. Woman A: Different parties have different rules about this.

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Some are very strict about staring at people playing, and you can speak to a playroom monitor if someone is making you uncomfortable. Some places even have quite private little cubicles or corners to go with your partners. Other parties are all about the exhibitionism. Person B: Well, two things: if the sex party is good, there will be enough going on that you'll hardly be the center of attention. Also, it's perfectly acceptable to ask folks not to watch you!

I'd also add that finding a more discreet spot at the party is helpful too. Woman A: The most important thing to know is about the party's consent culture, and how serious the organizers seems about it — there'll be rules posted everywhere, maybe a little talk as you enter the party, people monitoring the play areas, etc. It's usually a good sign if there are at least a few women among the organizers as well.

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Good parties will often have some system of screening guests even if it's a short chat with the organizers, or a requirement that people come with a friend. It's difficult to generalize about finding good parties. Google is your friend. You can also go on Fetlife, the kinky social network, which allows you to look at many of the events in your geographical area.

This isn't a guarantee that things will be safe or well-organized though, so follow the guidelines above! Person B: I started my own [parties] out of frustration as I found there to be a lack of safe and sexy play parties. Ultimately, word of mouth is best — find your most consent oriented sex party going pal and ask them what parties they like! A good party will communicate rules around consent and how they deal with consent violations beforehand as well as having designated folks helping keep the space safe and be there to help if a situation should arise.

Woman A: I'd say check it out, but keep your expectations low.

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Aiming to have the best sex of your life your first time is unrealistic and will probably lead to disappointment. Go with the expectation of having a good party and meeting some interesting people — people are generally more interesting and open-minded than at a mainstream party. Person B: Keep an open mind, enter with no expectations, be respectful, and don't take yourself too seriously.

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  6. Woman A: Twenty-six. Person B: Twenty-four. How and when did you first start going to sex parties? But, I tell myself, maybe my feelings will change as the night goes on. It may have started nearly 30 years ago as a fetish night catering for around people but Torture Garden is now attracting a whole new breed of audience. TG now hosts monthly London parties and international events in New York, Toronto, Tokyo and beyond, and even has a kink clothing line.

    Man who 'threw wild sex parties in NYC townhouse' leads 'double life' as a married Orthodox Jew

    There are marked differences. He explains that the parties are roughly split into two groups: smaller DIY events where as well as sex, you might find shibari Japanese bondage , alongside intellectual conversation about sexuality. You want concrete, steel, leather, chains, sweat dripping from the ceiling, darkness and red lights. We recently moved into a permanent space, which is amazing because we can invest in the design.

    We have a very strict vetting process for members. If one of you breaks a rule, you both have to leave. And clubs are often members-only. Though conversations around consent have always been a mainstay within the community, some members I speak to argue that these have become increasingly nuanced since consent culture has entered the wider public consciousness. Wait to be invited.

    While being voyeuristic is a legitimate kink, practising non-consensual self-love whilst watching is just wrong. Despite the precautions, everyone I meet explains that the sex is almost incidental, rather than the main event. Yes and no. Harry and Louisa have been in the play room with a couple they met at the last Torture Garden. Louisa pats my arm. The people I meet want to avoid the mistakes of the past while still creating a liberated, shame-free future.

    That sounds pretty revolutionary to me. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Please wait Future London. Progress The Londoner.

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