Me, Myself and Him

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Me, Myself, And I

Can you see a theme here? It was interesting to write a character who was so much like me, in so many ways, but not in every way.

Specifically here, I mean, to write a character who detests his father as much as Chris does in the book. For my own part, I adored my father. What was it like to write the two parallel stories?


Did you write one first and then the other, or write them simultaneously? I wrote the whole thing in chronological order and in the alternating chapters as they appear in the finished book. I love it that this is a book about a gay teen boy but that is not the central part of this book. Yes, a character falls in love for the first time, that is what matters. Did you have access to any books like this when you were a teen? Thanks for saying that. It was definitely part of my thinking.

I have one other YA book with a gay protagonist, and one of the driving ideas behind that book was to have a young gay character whose problem in the story is not his own sexuality.

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My first exposure to gay characters came more through tv shows and movies than through the books I was reading. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. I recently found this illustrative error reading one of my favorite blogs unnamed now, since I don't want to link the error to this otherwise wonderful blog : Can you find the error? My sister-in-law and brother surprised Eric and I with some personalized cards along with a rubber, address stamp this week from Nameless Print.

The text on the cards are coral — one of my favorite colors and also the color of the bridesmaid dresses along with the rubber stamp ink. I was semi-dreading writing out all the thank you cards from the wedding my handwriting leaves a lot to be desired , but after receiving these, I think I may enjoy it a little. My sister-in-law and brother surprised Eric and me with Myself is never used as a subject pronoun.

An easy rule to remember is that the reflexive pronoun myself is always used as the object of a sentence, never the subject.

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Me Myself & Him

The error is here: My sister-in-law and brother surprised Eric and I with some personalized cards along with a rubber, address stamp this week from Nameless Print. It should read: My sister-in-law and brother surprised Eric and me with It might be easier to determine the correct pronoun if you separate each pronoun into its own sentence.

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  • For example:. I think it is because they do not understand — perhaps have not learned — the difference between nominative and objective cases. Everything Language and Grammar. Skip to content. I prepared it myself. I saw myself in the mirror. I consider myself fortunate. They asked whether I, myself, had ever encountered that particular problem.

    It was good for the neighborhood and me not myself. He gave the book to him and me not myself. She and I not myself are going to the opera. For example: He gave the book to him. He gave the book to I, me, or myself.