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Reading and commenting is half the fun. I considered not participating this week. Thank Josh for the prompt this week. Aaron prepared his Torah reading for his special day. What about the camps? What about Hitler? Before me, my father read from the holy scroll in this same place in Enough questions already. Study hard and make me proud. Wide-mouthed comic, Joe E. Brown gave Harry a movie extras card.

Harry had gained notoriety in boxing, wrestling, and lacrosse. Thoughts of seeing his name up in lights enticed him. After playing several bit parts, he answered an audition for the new medium called television.

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London: Whitechapel Art Gallery, , pp. Cooper, Philip, Cubism London: Phaidon, , pp. Jahrhundert Berlin: Reimer, , pp. Les chemins du cubisme, exh. Juan Gris: Peintures et dessins —, exh. Cox, Neil, Cubism London: Phaidon, , pp. Washington D. Juan Gris —, exh. Ferrara, Italy: Ferrara Arte, , pp.

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