An American in China: Starting Over. A Travel Guide to the Adventurous Life.

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Travellers be warned: to visit Lisbon is to fall under its spell.


These top tips on travelling with tech might ease your mind. Except about packing your diamonds — we suggest leaving them at home. As a society, we are so used to be connected ALL the time. If you want to see the night sky, there are few better places in the United States than the Southwest. Here are six of the best. Whale watching, kayaking, and bunking down under the stars in a remote glamp site? Forget forking out hundreds of euros at a fancy restaurant.

Cheese, bread, strawberries, and pate are all you need for a good time in Paris. For the last twenty years, the climate narrative has been all about disaster. Balat is known for its colourful houses, cobbled streets and eclectic mix of churches, mosques and synagogues — all scattered among antique auction houses, trendy cafes and vintage clothing stores. There are plenty of ways that you can study in China in English , even though we generally recommend taking some basic, entry-level language classes to help with everyday communication, not to mention the chance to learn more about their vastly rich culture more on this later.

We have a feeling that no matter your major, you can knock out a considerable number of credits while studying in China thanks to its excellent universities and relative popularity amongst American students studying abroad. While world-class institutions like Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Fudan University are the crown jewel in the eye of every Chinese national student, most classes are generally taught in Mandarin, which make enrollment a challenge for international students not studying Chinese.

1. Visit the Great Wall

However many of these schools do reach out with international programs to attract foreign students, and some subject areas, such as international business, are often taught in English. Yes, yes, yes, always yes to a homestay. Homestays are great for the student who is interested in a more culturally immersive glimpse into the Chinese household and family life and frequent home cooked meals , and an amazing chance to practice and learn Mandarin.

Standard housing options are made available through most study abroad programs in China— apartments, homestays, or dormitory style living being most common. Apartment living is good for the independently minded students who like their own space and individual liberty. Dormitory style living, especially at larger Chinese universities, offers an inside experience into the life of Chinese students and are a great way to break cultural boundaries and make lifelong friends. Hugely chaotic crowds of people, inescapable urban pollution, and a spoken language, which could not differ more from English, all make studying abroad in China a daunting prospect to even the most adventurous of students.

Indeed moving from a Western society which prizes individualism and creative freedom to an Eastern society which values hard work, disciplined obedience, and the observance of propriety will inevitably bring about a healthy dose of culture shock. Yet growth comes from breaking out and experiencing new things.

ONPS Summer in China is a tailored program for foreign students like you to gain knowledge of China and its ever-growing business industry. The project is aided by the extensive ONPS network and database and helps you gain access to top professors within various expert fields.

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The summer study abroad China program was originally designed to allow foreign students to gain access to China's local market and to give an insight into the thinking processes of the Chinese population. It hopes to open students' mind and to create a more broad way of thinking about business and life in general.

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This summer study abroad China program will inspire you to understand the true culture of China. Another one of the best study abroad china programs allows you to study in the heart of Beijing, at the prestigious Tsinghua University, alma mater to former President Hu Jintao and current President Xi Jinping of China. This program offers a wide variety of courses in STEM fields, humanities, and business. Experience international wonders like the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. This program involves learning Mandarin Chinese, which is fast becoming a widely spoken language in the global marketplace.

Choosing to focus on intensive language study means taking one or two elective courses as well as. These include Chinese cuisine, Chinese culture and history, and Tai Chi. This path follows an intensive approach, allowing you to complete up to one and a half year of language coursework in one semester.

Additional elective courses are Chinese government and politics, history, culture, literature, and society. If you are seeking a truly authentic immersion into China, The Beijing Center is your destination!

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Call Beijing your new home as you and students from all over the world are housed on the University of Business and Economics campus, where the center is located. You may live with a Chinese roommate and can access your personal language tutor whenever you want to enhance your speaking skills.

The faculty comes from Beijing's top institutes and many are internationally recognized scholars and noted researchers. Take notes and review them in the private library that houses one of the largest collections of books about China in English. The center is conveniently located in a short walk from the subway so you can access local attractions, shopping centers, and nightlife. In addition to the main cafeteria on campus, there are also over cafes and restaurants close by.

Have the time of your life, learn, travel, explore, and meet new people. As always, remember to read the China study abroad reviews for each program.

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Choosing to study in China may just be the best decision you ever make. Did we mention you would also be gaining professional experience, cultural knowledge, and unique and wonderful memories? Take the plunge and study abroad in China! Save This Article. Where are the most popular places to study in China? How much does it cost? Do I need a student visa? What are the pros and cons of study abroad in China in summer vs.

Pros: Shorter program means a lower cost, so study abroad china summer programs can be more financially affordable for students on a tight budget. Spending the summer traveling and taking classes abroad is a great way to satisfy your itch for travel in a way that keeps Mom and Dad happy, as you will continue to work toward your educational or career goals. Cons: Chinese summers can be exceptionally hot and muggy in the big cities, so plan accordingly!

While you might be left wondering why they still drink boiling-hot tea during the summer months, the list of super-fun activities for your summer in China exceeds the number of Chinese characters that exist. Do I need to speak Mandarin to study in China? Should I do a homestay? Where should I live?

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